A floor covering is a material intended to cover a part or all of the floor. It can be of natural or manufactured origin. Parquet and cork are made from wood. Resin, sisal, carpet, linoleum are of textile or synthetic origin.

Modena Arte company provides and installs various types of parquet. There are parquets for all budgets. The main advantage of parquet is its longevity.

Whatever the style of your decoration, the floor is versatile enough to lend itself to all environments: an exotic solid parquet for a chic ethnic decor, a parquet light laminated for Scandinavian decor, solid oak flooring a deep brown for a classic and authentic style.


The benefits of parquet are multiple, both economically and in terms of comfort, ease of maintenance or aesthetics. Choosing a parquet floor today is giving priority to multiple qualities including durability , comfort. the floor reduces the noise impact of footsteps and objects that may fall from time to time and it is also easy to be maintained.