At Modena Arte, our team is ready to provide you with a wide range of interior paintings including plastering and decoration.


As a Decoration element widely used for a long time, the interior painting is declined today in palettes of colors and effects almost everlasting. It also allows to add a surface resistance by protecting the support on which it is applied. You can choose the type of interior painting, the choice is done after identifying your needs:
  • nature of the support (wood, plaster, metal, etc.)
  • surface already covered or initial painting;
  • condition of the surface satisfactory or requiring treatment before painting;
  • use of the concerned part;
  • desired effect (dynamic, relaxing, rustic, contemporary, etc.) and other aesthetic criteria.
In the field of wall painting, plaster is a widely used product and appreciated for its protective qualities as well as for its decorative effect.This decorative coating has the advantage of being aesthetic, practical and easy to install. The smoothing coating helps hide any small imperfections that your walls may have. We offer a wide range of decorative coatings: the smoothest plaster granular, those to set up by yourself or prepared in pots. We also offer plaster of all shades to create unique color effects and decorations. This economical, lasting and practical solution is ideal for embellishing your interior decoration at a lower cost. Before plastering a wall, we advise you to clean it thoroughly and to inform you about the proper way to apply this coating.


We study together your expectations to determine the interior design that best suits you. We offer a rich and varied catalog of colors and different finishing touches to best meet your requests and your desires for change.

Modena Arte uses professional paintings for a lasting and quality decoration: we do not neglect any detail. As qualified professionals, we offer you a clean and a neat job.