Modena Arte provides and installs different types of tiles. Whatever your needs we are always ready to respond with a well finished work


Terracotta tile is a product made entirely of clay, usually fired below 1000 degrees. It is stretched or pressed, manufactured mechanically or by hand. It can be landed on the wall or inside a house. It skates with time. Terracotta tile is generally sensitive to frost.

The terracotta tile can also be glazed in very bright colors. It is only suitable for walls in bathrooms and kitchens.

The earthenware tile is composed of a mixture of clays and feldspar. It is usually squeezed in presses that compress it to about 250kg / cm². It is baked a first time at 1130 ° C then enamelled and baked again at about 1110 ° C. The faience tile can only be placed on the walls.
This is the main category of floor tiles. Simply because it is the most solid of all levels of wear because there is no enamel on it, it is the same material on all the tiles. It has a high strength and a reduced wear, it can be suitable in any case and even preferred outside and if a shock is put you will see it much less because it is the same substance everywhere.

Mosaic tiles convey an elegant and contemporary approach to covering a wall or floor. Whether you're tiling an entire bathroom, or creating a captivating kitchen blotch back, mosaics are very adaptable, and are incredibly easy to cut to size.

They come in a variety of materials; from glass and resin to metal and natural stone.


Tiling is a floor or wall covering made of ceramic tiles juxtaposed and glued or sealed. It is commonly used for the finishing touches and decorating floors and walls of homes and other premises, both indoors and outdoors.